Investment Guide

Gold Vs Isa's

While ISA’s and gold share several benefits when it comes to Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax, ISA’s and gold have quite notable differences. Whilst low interest rates and rises in inflation having continued to hurt savings accounts like ISA’s, political uncertainty and economic volatility have caused an increase in the demand for gold along with it’s value.

Gold Vs Property

For years, having a rental property has been considered a smart way to make large investments. A tangible asset, steady monthly income, and a large profit upon sale are all draws that seem like a no-
brainer for an investor. In recent years though, changes to regulations combined with market uncertainty have diminished the potential returns for buy-to-let properties significantly.

Gold Vs Bitcoin

Gold bullion is popular for investors to store and protect their wealth. In comparison to Bitcoin, gold is old fashioned. Bullion coins and bars aren’t easy to carry around on you, and you can’t use them to pay for your shopping or to go to the cinema. It’s an investment resource (or a collectible), but old fashioned isn’t always a bad thing.

Gold Vs FTSE

Gold has enjoyed far superior price growth in recent years when compared to the FTSE 100 average. During the decade shown below, gold rose from £472 per ounce to
£962.21 per ounce – a 103.85% increase in value. In comparison, the FTSE 100 average share value went from 5,787.60 points to 7,294.70 points – a much more modest rise of 26.04%.

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